If you are seeking a high margin fun and exciting business / line extension with unlimited market potential, than joining the CrystallizeIT family as a member might be the perfect opportunity for you.  Here are the tiers of membership

The ‘Reseller’ Membership is Ideal for an existing shop owner that wants to display a few crystal sizes to showcase to customers alongside their other product offerings.  This generates a passive income offering healthy margin discounted from the retail price.  You simply take the order from the customer, submit the photo to our laser room through an order portal, and receive the crystal at your store OR drop shipped to the customer directly within an average of 3-5 days across North America.
The ‘Wholesaler’ Membership is for entrepreneurs that want to make an aggressive effort to sell 3DCrystals at Malls and events.  It includes many crystal sizes for display, LED illumination display stands, and a software license to prepare your customers files in final format for the laser using the proprietary cockpit3d software.  You then submit the order to our laser room and the customer receives their order in an average of 3-5 days.  This membership affords Very High margins since you are trained to prepare the file on your own for submission to the laser room.
This membership is for distributors belonging to the promotional products industry.  We handle each of your client projects from concept to completion.  We provide the mockups, artwork, and customized sample unit for the client to physically evaluate and see prior to confirmation of their volume run.  Distributors are provided grid pricing based on volume enabling excellent markup no matter how small or large their production run might be..
Existing Laser operators from New Zealand across to Las Vegas depend on the team we have functioning behind the scenes in many ways.  First and foremost we provide software solutions though our partners at’ Cockpit3D’, for 3D conversion services for both 180 and 360 degree file preparation.  Most laser operators need a fast and efficient ‘head ache free’ solution for preparing their 3D Files.  We offer these solutions, tutorials, and also technical trouble shooting irrespective of the laser owned.  Contact us to become a member to benefit from the knowledge base we offer the industry.  We are also shareholders in the factory that prepares the raw material crystals.  If you need crystals shipped fast locally, we supply raw material for urgent needs in 3-5 days.  Simply order by the case.  Finally if you do not own a laser yet and are seeking to purchase, speak to us first to get insight on what the differences are between lasers, what to look out for, and a recommendations on some of the leading laser manufacturers that we have observed provide good machines, with strong support.


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